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Leather And Fabric Menu Boards

Leather or fabric menu boards are one of the functional and beautiful menu boards that you can use for your venture. It becomes a unique part of the ambiance and can be a great way of branding by customizing your logo.

We use a thick, split leather backing combined with your front material choice which includes cork, textured fabrics, and leather, to produce an elegant menu holder for your menu page.  Hand sewn stitching around the edge adds a bespoke look while also making the product extremely durable. Every product is custom and made to order so it will fit your menu page and logo perfectly.  Customization options include laser engraving, blind or foil embossing and full color uv printing.

Leather Menu Boards for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Cafes

Menu boards are usually made of wood, leather, plastic, or metal. They are usually placed at the entrance of a restaurant or fast-food restaurant. Using a variety of methods, we at Marquee Menus personalize our wood menu covers and boards for your location.

Our vast selection of Wooden Menu Covers comes in a variety of colors and wood finishes. Laser engraving, blind or foil embossing, and full-color UV (ultraviolet) printing are some of the customization possibilities for your Leather And Fabric Menu Boards. Leather menu boards are perfect for restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops and offer you a more formal and sophisticated setting. The best part about using leather menu boards is their durability and easy-to-clean features. They do not get hampered if a customer mistakenly spills food or drinks. You can easily clean and maintain leather menu boards for the long term. 


Our leather menu boards are available in a number of different configurations, including binder ring mechanisms, corner tabs, screw posts, elastic bands, magnets, and more. Whether you have a small menu, a large multi page wine list, or even a menu that needs to be updated daily, we have a design that will fit your needs. And all of our menu holders are made to order. This allows unlimited custom sizing and logo placement options. The final menu board dimensions are determined after your menu page size and logo placement have been finalized. Your custom logo can be laser engraved, foil or blind embossed, and even uv color printed.

Customize Leather Menu Boards With Your Brand Logo

Marqueemenus allows you to create custom menu boards with your restaurant or cafe logo to give more personalization and branding to your restaurant. You can find a wide range of leather menu board options and get customized according to your brand. Custom leather menu boards help you bring more personalization and allow you to create an identity among your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best part about using leather menu boards is their durability, formal appearance, and easy to clean features that allow restaurant owners to maintain menu boards for the long run.

To order the best custom leather menu boards, head to Marqueemanus, and select finish, texture, color, size, and quantity.

Marqueemenu is the best place to buy leather menu boards, the best part is you can customize your menu boards.