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Finish Options

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Our entire line of custom products are crafted from a real wood core that is pressed with your choice of any one of our beautiful hardwood veneers.  This produces a product that looks amazing and will last for years. 

Genuine Hardwood Veneer:

Unique and distinct, our line of hardwood veneers is a beautiful option for individuals seeking a clean, modern look.  Each finish comes from the natural color of the veneer, and no two pieces are exactly alike.


Genuine Hardwood Veneer






Premium Cast Acrylic:

Modern, clean and sophisticated, our line of premium acrylic products are available in a wide range of colors. Acrylic laminate wipes clean and effortlessly and is a durable option for resorts and outdoor restaurants.

We are always adding additional colors so please see our individual product listings for a current list of available finish options.