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Menu Boards & Holders

Our handmade, sleek menu holders are made to function as well as they appear. We've created a complete range of menu holders with a variety of designs and design possibilities since we know that when it comes to menus, one size does not suit all.

Once your menu page measurements and logo placement have been approved, each item is individually produced to order and cut to size. Pick from one of our pre-designed templates or make your own.Our menu holders may be laser cut into any bespoke form or size. The mentioned price includes free laser engraving.

Menu Boards & Holders for Restaurant

Custom menu holder and menu board is an easy and stylish method to showcase single and multi-page menus. We have approximately 30 various designs of menu boards in our leather and wood lines, allowing you to pick the best manner to show your menu page or pages. Each design provides a distinct method of attaching your menu pages, such as binder rings, screw posts, corner tab inserts, clipboards, and more.

All of our restaurant menu board is offered in one of six different authentic hardwood veneer finishes. And our leather collection comes in six stunning hues and over 15 distinct insert options, including textured fabric, leather, and cork. We are always delighted to answer any queries you may have and would be happy to create a digital mock-up to get this project started. A digital mock-up can often answer a couple of those first questions and give you an idea of where you want to go with your newly designed menu display board. We will not begin production until you are completely satisfied with the final design and size.

After you have accepted the final design, our wood menu boards and leather menu boards are cut to size. This gives you nearly limitless customization choices and does not limit you to specific brand locations or board sizes. Once your logo placement has been confirmed, we may easily add or decrease the restaurant menu holder length, enabling you to position your embossing or custom engraving on the below, above, or back, or front of your menu page/s.

Effective Designs of Menu Boards & Holders

We can design menu boards to complement the aesthetic and feel of your coffee shop or restaurant. Sizes, forms, and quantities may all be customized. Simply let us know what you require, and we will make it a reality. We make it simple for you to obtain the exact menu board design that you would like.

Every component of your menu is vital, whether it is quick or inexpensive. We'll ensure your menu board looks excellent and meets or exceeds your expectations.

Menu board browsing is part of the eating experience, with guests taking in the alternatives and narrowing down their top choices. The virtue of a good menu board design is that it draws customers back for more, eager to try the other meals that piqued their interest the first time they saw it.

We've learned a thing or two about getting it right when creating menu boards for takeout, restaurants, and cafés. Whether your establishment provides meals to go, eat-in, or both, the menu holder design is an opportunity to impress.

Our printing professionals can assist you in selecting the best material for your menu holder design. We guarantee that your sign will be completed promptly, on budget, and correctly printed!

Get Custom Menu Boards That Present Your Brand

A custom menu board is critical to the success of your restaurants, pubs, and cafés. Well-designed signage can maintain your customers' attention on your items and current specials. Furthermore, because they are situated near check-out counters, they are helpful in enticing clients to purchase add-ons.

Menu board signage or custom menu holders are essential for any foodservice organization that wishes to provide effective customer service. Customers may make their choices while waiting in line if your menu options are readily displayed, so when it's time to order, they're prepared!

You've put in a lot of effort as a business owner. You've taken risks and made significant sacrifices. There's a lot on the line. Don't let your business fail since your cafe menu board isn’t performing as expected. Therefore, if you want to design your custom menu board, please contact us at any moment. Our team is always here to assist you.

Our personalized coffee shop menu board is a flawless mix of form and function. Beauty and intelligence. They are created just as you want them: cleanable, changeable, one-of-a-kind, and pretty.

Why Choose Us?

The custom-designed menu boards from Marquee Menus will be eye-catching focal pieces in your restaurant. You will not be like every other cookie-cutter company in town. Computerized menus will not give your firm the frigid, professional air that they do. Your menus will not look low-cost or predictable. Your organization will be distinguished by its creative beauty and vitality.

Furthermore, they have significantly more individuality than digital menu boards. Customers have even swapped out their 'new, modern' corporate-style digital menus for our handwritten ones.

Our procedure is really simple, casual, and welcoming.

Perhaps you're not sure how you want them to look. That is not an issue! You'll engage one-on-one with a gifted and professional designer who has years of experience. We'll provide you with alternatives and appreciate your input. The designs will be placed on images of your area so you can see how the boards will appear when they are installed. You will be given the time and personal attention you require to feel at ease.

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