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Menu Covers

Many restaurant owners try various tricks to get customers' attention on their arrival, but holding their attention with a positive attitude might be difficult. That's why we have brought you the best solution for your restaurant - a unique and high-quality menu cover.

Menu covers for Restaurants & hotels

Menu covers are one of the essentials of restaurants and hotels, particularly used to protect menu cards which add enjoyment for customers while selecting their order.

The great menu covers resolving the issue of frequently replacing menu cards and adding value to your business.

While menu cards are used to present your menu to customers, restaurant menu covers can grab their attention and improve customer experience.

We understand the importance of hotel menu covers, it's not just a basic menu but a way to gain quick customer attention and leave a long-lasting impression. So, you don’t have to worry, we will offer nothing less than the best.

Choose unique designs of menu covers

Choosing unique menu cover designs can be complicated, we offer various modern and classic designs that can suit your restaurant or hotel. Do you find it confusing to select from a wide variety of designs? If yes, then follow these steps to choose the right menu covers from our wide collection:

Textures: Unique menu covers are available in varied textures such as wooden corner tabs, leather, etc. Select the most suitable and attractive texture according to the ambiance of your place.

Binding option: Various binding options such as elastic menu string, screw post binding, binder ring mechanism are available for the safety of the menu card. You can select the binding option according to your requirements.

Size: Generally, menu covers are available in A4 and A5 sizes, but we offer various sizes with modern menu cover designs to offer customized and suitable options for your place. Depending on the availability of options available at your restaurant or hotel, you can select menu cover size.

Color: colors play a crucial role to attract customers and improve the overall appeal of your place. Select creative menu covers based on your restaurant and hotel themes to complement and align visual elements.

Benefits of using menu covers

Menu card covers are one of the essential products for every restaurant and hotel due to various menu cover benefits such as:

Reduce cost: Menu cards will have to withstand dust, food spills, crumbs, and sometimes playfulness of children in restaurants which requires replacement frequently. Menu covers can reduce these frequent replacements and reduce costs.

Improved presentation: A well-placed and good quality menu cover enhances user experience as it offers attractive presentations to menu cards.

Gain customer attention: Restaurants offer deals and discounts regularly, a unique menu cover can instantly grab eyeballs and improve business for your restaurant or hotel.

Build your brand with custom menu covers

Menu cards are like brands, they gain customer attention and will help you improve your branding. Whenever a new customer will visit your place, a brand integrated custom drink menu cover will improve your brand awareness.

Build your brand with high-quality personalised menu covers. The more you focus on brand building, the more business you will receive. Menu covers are part of your brand that builds reputation. If your customers feel good about your restaurant products, they will convey a positive word of mouth. Create a strong customer base with our custom menu covers wholesale and improve growth, profitability.

The key to success for your business is a well-designed, unique, high-quality menu cover for brand building. Restaurants or hotels that focus on the brand building can improve overall value. Are you looking to find menu covers for the brand build? Customized Menu covers 8.5 × 14 are great options.

Why choose MarqueeMenus

We are one of the prominent sellers of restaurants and hotels with a wide variety of menu cover collections. Whether you are looking for classy, luxurious or homely menu covers, menu cards, menu tabletop, we will provide you. Some of our personalized categories to cater to your requirements, such as Cafe menu covers

You can find menu covers wholesale at affordable prices and high quality. The products are handcrafted and hand-picked by experts to cover the utility and aesthetic requirements of restaurants and hotels. Food menu covers are available in unique designs, created with intricate and high-quality material.

We offer only quality, the products are to cater your requirements and offers features such as:

Easy to clean: Wine menu covers or any other product are quick and easy to clean due to quality material.

Customization: you can engrave your brand name on bar menu covers to improve branding.

Unlimited options: From colors to textures to sizes, we offer wide options for clients to select from for drink menu covers and other products.

We offer more than 30 different styles to help you select the perfect menu cover for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting from texture followed by color, binding elements and size are the right ways to select menu cover. However, you can head to our category page for better assistance.

We offer high-quality and textured wood, leather material for menu covers. Our material is highly functional and suitable for restaurant and hotel atmosphere.

We have pre-listed sizes to match your menu card size, the size will be large enough to accommodate your menu.

Yes, we offer customization, you can contact us for custom size.

Yes, we offer wholesale menu covers in various sizes, colors, and textures.