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How To Choose Attractive Check Presenters For Your Restaurant

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Your restaurant should be the first choice of your customers. There is a way you can make them come back after their first visit. One of them is the confidentiality you placed on their expenses during their time in your restaurant, and to achieve that, you need a check presenter.

What are check presenters?

Check presenters also called guest check holders, are small tools designed to explore checks and payment methods at the end of a meal. Whether you fold a piece of paper or secure the bill with a different approach, restaurant check presenters add a better level of security and sophistication to your services.
As a matter of fact, many guests have come to believe their check or bill at the restaurant is meant to be presented in a check presenter. And this is because it keeps their transaction with your restaurant confidential as much as possible. The guest opposite them wouldn't have to see their bill or how many tips are left for your waiter/waitress.

Aside from that, the act of restaurants putting a piece of paper on the table would seem strange and not fit the restaurant's ambiance. It may sound a little archaic and unprofessional. As an added benefit of presenting the check-in a check presenter, the restaurant has a place to add comment cards easily seen by customers.

Why do restaurants use Check Presenters

For Security

When handling a customer's credit card, customers want to know their information is kept safe. It will help you and your customers be more organized, unlike carrying multiple paper receipts and credit cards, which can easily cause mix-ups. Such mix-ups can vex your customers and waste time fixing errors.

Branding Options

Check presenters can make your restaurant stand out as a brand. Although black check presenters have seemed to be the standard, check presenters can also be customized to your specification. When you customize your check presenters, this creates another place to display your brand logo and colors for increased brand recognition.

Common check presenter styles you can use in your restaurant

There are different check holders you can use in your restaurant. Many restaurant check holders are designed with a welcome note and closing statements like "Thank You" at the back. Some restaurants don't even bother, while others offer a sleek, unadorned design. But because you should care about your customers' reactions, here is how to choose attractive check holders.

1. Two-fold check holder

It is available in a wide variety of colors and styles, though most are made of vinyl. Black is the most common color, followed by red and brown. Many of these include organizational elements on the book's interior, such as plastic pockets or metal clips for holding the check, cards, and cash in place.

2. Clipboard check holder

This style of guest check presenter is a simple solution for bringing the check to the table and mimics the classic look of a clipboard.

3. Hardboard check holder

A hardboard restaurant check holder is similar to a clipboard check holder, but it secures items with a band across the middle of the board instead of a clip at the top.

4. Woodblock check holder

A more modern solution for delivering the check, these check presenters hold a pen, the bill, and the payment method in circular or rectangular indentations.

Leave a good last impression

Every step of their visit impacts a guest's experience in your restaurant.

Delivering the bill in a guest check presenter helps end a customer's experience on a positive note, presenting the amount owed in a professional, organized, and secure manner. Make your final interaction with your guests as good as the first interaction.