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Menu Cover & Holder – Your Hotel & Restaurant Representative

The first thing a person receives at a restaurant is the menu, and so, many people form their first impression of the restaurant from the menu.

The menu at a restaurant is a list of the food and beverages available to guests and the costs. A menu can be à la carte (a list of selections from which customers can pick) or table d'hôte (a pre-determined sequence of meals is given).

A menu cover is designed to hold and protect menus from wear and tear from constant handling by customers. The restaurant menu cover acts as the face of the restaurant.

Why is the menu cover important?

A good menu cover is bound to capture customers' attention. An elegant menu cover can heighten a customer's curiosity about the quality of the food.

Sometimes, the menu cover can even influence how much a customer is willing to spend at the restaurant.

The menu cover can allow the restaurant to display its creativity and passion for its industry and customers.

Factors to consider when selecting a menu cover for your hotel or bar
There are several factors to consider when choosing your hotel or bar menu cover.

First is the size or length of the menu. You would have to decide on and be sure of the number of dishes you would like to showcase on your menu. How many things do you plan to include on your menu? Do you need a bigger menu if you have a lot of options? Or are you keeping it simple by simply providing a few options? The length of your menu will help you determine which menu cover alternatives will best show your menu items.

Next is what can be considered strategic placement or menu engineering. Now that you've decided what products you'll put on your menu, it's time to select where they'll go. Did you know that research on the arrangement of menu items on your menu has been conducted? You want to put your most profitable meals in particular areas on your menu since customers are more likely to glance at certain points on the menu when selecting what to purchase. Aside from menu placement, there are innovative ways that may be utilized to make foods stand out that you wish to promote. Creating a menu is a science that, when done right, may result in higher revenues for your company.

Another factor to consider is the design of your menu cover. You may now pick your menu cover once you've determined the length and style of your menu. Do you prefer a conventional, in-stock menu cover made of simulated leather, such as the original Café Cover or the Plaza Cover? Are you seeking a one-of-a-kind design for your restaurant? There are various materials from which to design your menu covers, and logo decorating possibilities include foil stamping, silk screening, debossing, blind debossing, embroidering, etching, UV printing, and embossing.

Also, consider what needs your menu will be meeting. Will you be catering to an audience that will come to your restaurant but at times may be too busy to eat in? If so, you may want to consider to-go menus that compliment you dine-in menu. Are you a family-friendly restaurant? If so, you may want to choose kid's menus to keep children occupied at the table. Other options include separate breakfast, lunch, dinner menus, drink menus, and dessert!

Tips for choosing your hotel or bar menu cover

Spend some time thinking about how the menu envelope will fit into the overall ambiance of your business. Casual dining establishments should choose simple designs. Clear plastic menu and cafe menu wraps are widely used in bistros, diners, cafes, and general dining establishments.

Affluent eating establishments frequently rely on the forms of leather replicas or leather menu covers to add a sense of elegance. Names in this category include flexible leather, fake leather, and real leather. All the above can be bought blank or personalized with your printing company's logo.

The next step is to decide on the type or number of pages the menu cover will contain. A large menu necessitates the acquisition of extra pages. In fact, have a look at the photos and explanations on and place the purchase that best suits your needs.

After that, choose a size for your menu cover in which menu sheets will fit nicely. Finally, the requirement to choose a color that wonderfully suits your restaurant's concept steps in. Color options differ based on the style. As a result, use your keen vision that minute.


Leather menu covers are perfect for fine dining establishments and hotels.

Leather menu covers with metal edges will give the menu a conventional look, improving the restaurant's décor. Leather menu covers are available in both natural and synthetic leather. These menu covers may be used as both a selling tool in hotels and an impression tool in restaurants. It can improve customer interaction with the menu, resulting in increased order volume. Aside from the necessity of leather menu covers, their long-lasting nature makes them everyone's pick. The chicness and suppleness of leather menu covers make them such eye-catching instruments among guests.

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