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Wood Check Presenter Clipboard With Groove for Pen

If you want a unique way to present, then look no further. This wood check presenter clipboard allows you to showcase with style while making a subtle statement. Learn more about this board.

What is a Check Presenter Clipboard?

A clipboard is a thin board with a clip at the top for holding paper in place. It allows you to support paper with one hand while writing on it or performing other activities, such as taking notes and filling out forms. Clipboards are especially useful when you're standing or don't have access to a flat surface, like if you're out in the field.

Great for restaurant use as a check presenter, recipe holder, and order pad holder.

This clipboard check presenter is great for restaurant use as a recipe holder and order pad holder. Features clip with 2" capacity to hold stacks of paper and documents. Convenient storage of bills and receipts.

Accentuate your decor with this functional clipboard. The perfect clipboard for the kitchen. This is the perfect clipboard to write and store your recipes or use as a grocery list that can easily slide onto the refrigerator using the magnetic backside. The large clip will hold copious amounts of recipes, orders, or lists in place, so you never lose your spot while cooking or making a grocery list.
The perfect clipboard for the office to write down important notes, memos, or reminders at work or keep track of important documents with ease while organizing them into categories. This clipboard is also great on sales calls when taking notes and orders from clients on the go and keeping them organized at once by keeping them clipped to this versatile piece until they get back to their desks where they can unclip everything and file it properly away!

How does one get custom wood-checking presenters?

Custom check presenter clipboard is a great way to advertise your brand and be a nice gift for your employees and business partners. Customized wood check presenters are perfect for restaurants and bars. You can order a wood clipboard menu holder with custom logo engraving or laser printing of your restaurant logo.

A checklist holder can be customized in any color you need, so you can choose the one that will match your restaurant's interior. Companies are using different laser machines, so they can make an engraving or laser print on both sides of the menu holder if it's necessary. If you order more than ten pieces of personalized checklist clipboard holders, Companies can give you a good discount.

What colors are they available in?

If you would like a different color, please don't hesitate to contact Industries. They have many colors to choose from. These colors include red, white, yellow, black, and grey. You may also choose to combine any of these colors on your clipboard. They can customize it for you. You can have any color you want, or they will do their best to work with what you need or what is available at the time. Please feel free to message them with your questions!

How strong and durable are they?

This handmade restaurant menu holder is handmade with American hardwood, a material known for its strength and durability. This makes it the perfect tool for your business. It will last for many years and can withstand being dropped, banged, and even soaked in water.

The grooved pen holder allows you to keep a pen handy without worrying about it rolling off the table or being lost.

Emergency kit checklist.

Use this board to write down an emergency kit checklist for each vehicle in your family. When you leave the house, it will be easy to remember what items you need to bring along with you!

Perfect for keeping all your important documents accessible when you need them.

This wood clipboard is perfect for keeping all your important documents accessible when you need them. It has a built-in pen groove so that you can take notes on the go. The metal clip has a strong grip that keeps pages secure, even in demanding environments. This clipboard is great for travel: compact and easy to carry. It also works well in an office setting or at home. You can use it to keep contracts organized and easily accessible.