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Wood Check Presenters

Custom check presenters are so often overlooked by restaurateurs that a lot of the custom menu cover manufacturers don’t bother to design or sell them.  However, over the many years that we have been designing, manufacturing, and in turn, interacting with our clients, we have learned that it is definitely something that restaurant managers and owners want and need.  With this knowledge we took the time to develop a beautiful, bespoke line of custom wood check presenters, and sell them at a price that makes sense to our clients.

Custom Wood Check Presenters

We started by developing multiple designs that would work in a variety of establishments.  Whether you have a bar and restaurant that does 300 covers at dinner and you need our custom wood clipboard that is easy and quick for your servers to handle, or a smaller boutique restaurant that requires something a little more unique, such as our handcrafted, box style check presenter; we have something for you.

Design And Manufacturing Process

Our custom wood check presenters feature the same ¼” wood core, beautiful hardwood veneer, and crystal clear polyurethane finish that our menu covers and menu boards are crafted with, allowing you to create a cohesive look across your venue.  And of course we can add your logo or design using a variety of methods including laser engraving, laser cutting, and foil or blind embossing.  Our custom, handcrafted check presenters are an unexpected addition that we think your customers will appreciate.

Ordering Process 

In order to make the process of buying a custom product as simple and straightforward as possible we have made all of our custom check presenters available to purchase directly online at  You can see all of the available options for each product and the listed prices on our website already include the setup and customization with your logo, using whichever style you want.  However, most of our clients do choose to contact us first so that we can work closely with them to develop their custom wood check presenters exactly the way that they want, and we highly encourage you to do the same.  We look forward to working with you and being a part of your next project.