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How We Get It Done Here At Marquee Menus

Every order at Marquee Menus is very important to us. We hand carry your order through the whole process, adjusting our operations to meet your needs. But this quick outline should give you the general idea of how we take your logos and ideas and quickly turn them into a reality at your restaurant or bar.

Step 1 - Samples and Mockups

This is usually the starting point for most of our clients. Our design team will take your logo and prepare it for laser engraving, providing suggestions and modifications if needed to ensure a great appearance and durability in day-to-day use of your product.

Digital Mockups - This is usually the fastest way to turn around an order. One of the reasons we provide the pictures in our product gallery is so you can see the many combinations of colors and styles. If you're already comfortable with these, then we can jump right into a digital mockup. This is an architectural drawing that shows the final product dimensions and placement/size of your logo engraving. These are built to full size so you can really get a grasp of what your product will look like. With our menu covers, menu holders and table tents we include a "menu page" in the mockup so that you can see how your menu will interact with the product.

If your one of those people that needs to touch and feel before you buy (or you need to present the idea to a committee) we have physical sample packages available. We carry two types of packages:

Standard Sample Package - This inexpensive sample package really helps out if you're in a time crunch. We provide a stack of swatches showing our veneers, including engraving the name of the veneer so you can see what the engraving looks like. We also provide you with some sample products. These are produced as overruns in our normal production process. They may not be the same size as your menu page, and maybe a different veneer, but they will show you the style of the product and the workmanship that goes into a Marquee Menus product. Since these are premade these can go out right away.

Custom Sample Package - This is for those that want to see the product they are buying exactly as it will come off the production run. We provide the swatch package as above and a couple of extra products that we want to showcase. We then do a one unit production run of your product. Turn around time is usually 7 - 10 days as we slide you into our normal production schedule.


Step 2 - Finalizing Products For Your Quote

Once we've discussed ideas and maybe even provided a mockup or sent samples for your review, we give you a detailed quote for your product so you'll know all the costs beforehand.

Common things we'll need to know are:

Veneer Choice
Menu Page Size - Very important as the product is built around your menu page
Logo Placement - We have standard placement guides for all our products, but our products are also fully customizable. If you have creative ideas, we'd love to make them a reality for you.
Finishes - All our hardware comes in a variety of finishes to match your style.
Options - We have several options available with our products, such as leather loops to hang them from for storage. Also, we provide expeditated production and shipping services, so if you need your products by a specific date, we can design a production and shipping schedule that will meet your needs in the most economical manner possible.

Step 3 - Ordering

Once we have everything just right, we'll send you over a Quickbooks invoice. You can pay these invoices with either credit card online or via a check by mail. As these are all custom orders, we cannot start production until payment is received.

If you are a corporate client and have a specific invoicing process, let us know what you need from us, and we'll go that extra mile to get it done.

Once the invoicing is taken care of our clock starts ticking. We'll place you on our production calendar and email you with an expected ship date. If you chose expedited production/shipping we will confirm that everything is set to meet your deadline. Normal production time is 2 - 3 weeks, though we always try to get your product out early if possible.

Step 4 - Mockup Approval Before Production

If we didn't finalize a digital mockup in the quoting process, we'll provide one now. These detailed mockups will ensure you're getting exactly the product you envision. Every order receives your approval before we go to production.

Step 5 - We Get To Work

And the production team at Marquee Menus is off! Every product is made to order.

Our state of the art laser engravers cut and engrave your custom menu holder or check presenter all in one pass.

Then it's off to the finishing room for any sanding and woodworking tasks.

Our paint and glue team take over from there. Your finished product is triple coated with a satin finish polyurethane to provide water resistance and increase durability for day to day wear.

The final assembly wraps up your project, putting all the pieces together and doing final quality control checks on each piece before it's packaged for shipping.

Step 6 - Shipping And They're On The Way

Marquee Menus ships globally on almost a daily basis. Our shipping department takes your packaged product and prepares your shipment with UPS. We'll email you with the expected arrival date and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep an eye on your shipment in real time.

Marquee Menus keeps all your digital files and information in our system. Reorders are just an email or phone call away.