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Enhance Your Restaurant Directory with a Custom Menu Cover

Menu Cover

Menu covers are usually a folder shape designed to display printed pages within protective sleeves and add a decorative and protective outer cover. It has a way of making your customer enjoy the process of choosing their food or drink and help bring the theme of your restaurant to the tabletop.

Menu covers protect your menu cards and add professionalism to your restaurant services. Without those covers, continuous reprinting of paper resulting from damage would be costly and likely add loss to your business.

Which materials are used for menu cover?

Menu covers are available in a wide range of materials, with each having its benefits. It is essential to consider everything from the look to the durability of your menu cover before purchasing it.

1. PVC

PVC menu covers are affordable and have been trusted by pubs, cafes, and restaurants for years. The stamp seal edges of these menu covers make them resistant to water damage and can still withstand lots of use.

2. Fabric

Fabric menu covers give a pleasantly homely feel when being handled by your customers. The advantage also is that Fabric can be rustic and have a range of designs, colors, and shades.

3. Plastic

Plastic menu covers are incredibly hardwearing, damage-resistant, and come in a wide range of colors. Lightweight, hardwearing and bright plastic menus are great for busy modern restaurants.

4. Leather

The leather menu cover combines durability with a luxurious leather feel and attractive design when used in the restaurant. They could come in various ways. However, the synthetic leather menus are a traditional and high-quality way to present a luxurious menu to diners.

5. Wood

Generally speaking, few menus are made entirely from wood. That said, wooden spines, corners, and details are brilliant ways of adding rigidity and strength to your menus, as with these Security covers.

Choosing the right color for your custom menu covers

The colors of a menu cover can have a significant impression on your customers. If you decide on colorful menu covers, you need to know how this will affect your restaurant.

It has been suggested that green color can emphasize the natural goodness of food, while orange may stimulate appetite. Yellow is optimistic and grabs people's attention but can be overbearing in large quantities. Most restaurants will choose colors to suit their look and food offering, but you should be cautious of how these colors will influence your restaurants before using them for customization.

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What is the best size for your menu cover?

Menu covers are typically designed in A4 and A5 sizes. But you can expand both sizes to suit your needs while adding other menu options.

A5 menu covers are discreetly sized and therefore easier to store. They are also lighter and more portable, meaning they are more suitable for carrying in aprons and room service. But there are fewer items on A5 pages, and there isn't much space to be descriptive.

However, A4 menu covers give plenty of space to display extensive menus options. They provide the room to explain each dish in detail. The disadvantage is just that it can be cumbersome in crowded dining rooms.

The menu cover style influences its size and weight, so if your restaurant has only tiny dining spaces, it's advisable to go for A5 cover sizes.

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