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Why Leather Menu Covers Are Becoming So Popular?

There is no doubt that we get attracted to things that are expensive and high-end. The same logic is with leather menu covers. Leather gives off an impression of luxury. Now imagine your menu covered in luxury. How would you feel if a waiter would handover a leather menu cover?

Expensive right! It makes you feel valued and important. The menu is the first thing we all look for when we enter a restaurant. It can truly break or make your first impression. When your guests pick your restaurant's menu from a leather menu holder, they will be already convinced that the food here will be as good as the menu looks. This is how restaurants are gaining new guests, with one investment of leather menu covers.

Types of Leather Menu Covers Available at Marquee Menus

At Marquee Menus, currently, there are two kinds of leather menu covers available. The covers are made from a⅛' thick leather hide. Both leather menu cover types are unique and long-lasting.

Soft Leather Covers

Soft Leather Covers are hand-stiched from edges that will give your multi-page menu a handcrafted look. The soft leather covers come without the inserts.

Rigid Leather Covers

Rigid leather covers are made from a⅛' thick leather hide. Rigid leather covers have inserts both on the front and back cover. The inserts are available in textured fabric, bonded leather, and cork. The inserts are stitched to the rigid covers. Customers can choose if they want contrasting leather menu covers or in the same family.


You can get custom leather menu covers at Marquee Menus. Our brand provides a large variety of sizes and shapes that compliments all types of menus, whether you have a single page menu, multiple pages, or menu that needs to be changed every day. Our designs are flexible, featuring corner tabs, elastic bands, etc. You can get your logo imprinted on a leather presenter or leather menu holder as well to give that elegant look.

Currently, Marquee Menus has these classic designs for leather menu covers:

Before placing an order for restaurant menu holders' leather designs, consider your menu type and service. If you place menus on tables before guests arrive, leather menu holders are perfect for you. If you hand over menus to guests, leather menu covers and leather presenters should be your priority. You can place an order for custom leather menu covers and leather menu holders with easy logo placement.

We provide sample designs and digital covers. When our customers approve the design, we begin with the process of manufacturing. You can also place a wholesale order for Marquee Menus.

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