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Why your restaurant needs wooden menu boards?

When customers walk into the restaurants, the first thing that they look for is a 'menu'. In recent times, wooden menu boards have changed restaurant appearance and market. Top restaurants put their daily menus or today's special on the wooden menu boards, which passersby stop to read and decide to check out the restaurants.

Traditionally, the menu is either given by the staff upon the arrival of the guest or is placed on the table for the guest to pick themselves. Sharp edges of menus can hurt guests, which don't leave a good impression. That's why you need wooden menu covers for restaurants. Having wooden menu covers for restaurants can change the way guests look at your restaurant. It adds warmth and personal touch to the menus. Five stars restaurants use this tactic, and even Michelin-rated hotels.

How to choose a Wooden Menu Cover for Restaurant?

The best way to choose a wooden menu cover for your restaurant is to understand your needs and your already existing menus. You can invest in wooden menu holders or wooden table tents if you keep menus on the table before the arrival of guests. Wooden table tents are a new and unique way to present your menu. If you present a menu to guests, you should get wooden menu covers for the restaurant and wooden check presenters.

Wooden menu boards are great for restaurants that update their menu on a daily basis. Wooden menu boards are sustainable and give a homely feel to restaurants without compromising eliteness.

Designs of wooden menu covers for restaurants you can find at Marquee Menus

At Marquee Menus, a wide range of wooden menu covers for restaurants is available. You can find wooden menu covers in all sizes and shapes. You can customize wooden menu covers for your restaurant as well. Whether your restaurant has single page menu, multiple-page menu, or menu that changes every day, you can find a menu suitable for you from our existing designs or get customized as per your needs. Our famous wooden menu covers for restaurants are:

How to place an order?

To order high quality and new textured wooden menu covers for restaurants, call the numbers provided on our website. Tell us about your needs, we will assist you in choosing what you should get. We will share a sample wooden menu cover or a digital cover. Once you are satisfied with all the details, the manufacturing process will begin. You can place wholesale orders as well.

Marquee Menus use a⅛ wood core that is pressed with a real hardwood veneer on both sides. The wood pattern that customers choose is combined with their choice of binding material. It allows customers to get involved in the creative process that acts as a personal touch to their wooden menu covers for restaurant.

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